Monday, November 17, 2008

7 Secrets 2 Effective Writing

You might question that there must be more than Seven secrets to effective writing and you would probably be right. Just as there are many more ways to skin a cat as the old saying goes.

Seven actually is a comforting number but also is an optimum number when setting out to complete a project. Many more numbers on your list and it's likely that you will be discouraged at just how long it is taking you to tick them all off. So as a general rule seven items on your to do list is fine and will be manageable.

For success in writing to be achievable you must set out a strategic plan to begin with and this is where the seven comes in. For sure, when starting with a blank canvas as it were, you need to maintain your impetus or enthusiasm by not putting too many stumbling blocks in your path. With a manageable to do list you should be able to let the juices flow and your writing take shape.

Each successful writer has his or her secret formula kept reasonably hidden from view although each formula is likely to be quite different if the truth be told! There will be some must haves on your list, but it will be up to you, the individual writer, to prioritise them and make the list your own.

Some writers have a special time of day set aside for their writing; some prefer to scribble notes long hand on a pad; some insist that to maintain the flow you absolutely must not stop to punctuate or spell check. All of these are legitimate ways of getting the words out of your head and onto paper.

In order to create your own Seven Secrets you will need to spend a little time brainstorming and come up with a list of your strong points and those that can be crafted into a logical , manageable template for all your future efforts .

Call it a goal if you will, or a formula and then apply this formula to each and every writing project and you will maintain your flow, your enthusiasm and the end result should be more than acceptable.

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of ticking off to do items from a list? Most people have . It's satisfying and gives you a sense of achievement without a doubt. Put more than Seven Secrets on your list and discouragement often quickly sets in. This is a state of mind that a writer may have to battle with constantly.

Producing your very own Seven Secrets to effective writing will be a challenge in itself but once completed and dare I say, followed emphatically, you will be ahead of the posse. The Posse not being other writers as such, but your own inner fears.

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