Thursday, November 27, 2008

Effective Blog Commenting!

Here is something all Bloggers will benefit from, whether you are just starting off, planning on setting up a blog to promote your business or have already done so and have lost your way! Here is some good news for those attempting effective Blog Commenting

It is a well known fact that placing suitable comments on another persons blog is an effective strategy, particularly if the host blog has plenty of street credibility. You will gain some knock on effect from this. Comments get placed in search engine results so this could be a very worthwhile strategy if pursued regularly in your particular niche

One of the ways to improve your own reach with comments is to be quick off the mark when new content is posted and be one of the first to express an opinion.

The days of posting something on the lines of “Great blog you have here... please visit my blog on blah blah blah” are well and truly over unless you belong to that exalted group of the Spam 2.0 Community! Spam posts are a pain in the proverbial so you are going to have to stretch yourselves somewhat with some useful and pertinent comments if you are to obtain any benefit.

We have just discovered an amazing piece of software that can help you in your quest to becoming a recognised expert in your particular field and thereby generate more traffic and a loyal following to your blog. Blog Talk Monitor is quite simply an astounding concept and once installed, the software will inform you instantly a new post or piece of content, relative to your chosen niche, appears on the Web.

This will enable you to review the content, create a response quickly, or even produce some fresh slant on the topic for your own blog or web site. Writers Block will be a thing of the past and Blog Talk Monitor is your solution. It's quick and easy and you have the facility to set up different keywords related to the niches you operate in .You could very easily become an authority on the subject before your competitors have even struggled out of bed.

Once in a while someone comes up with an idea that is simply awe inspiring and in this case it's stating the obvious. We are using it to great effect and think you should give it a try yourself. You've nothing to lose especially since it is readily affordable. The Price ? Well there isn't one! It's free gratis, although I have my doubts as to the sanity of the author who is the renowned Jack Humphrey of Authority Site Center

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