Thursday, November 27, 2008

Can You be Quick Off the Mark? Effective Blog Comments.

Following on from the previous post about effective blog comments and the use of a new software called Blog Talk Monitor here is an example of the software in action.

The comment below which was posted to Boyd Productions just a couple of hours ago was in response to an Alert from the software in our Learner Drivers niche.The post we responded to had only just been published and we were the very first to comment

" Looking forward to seeing the Documentary. It’s about time the whole
Teen Driving Syndrome is exposed for what it is! Mayhem on Wheels!
Each generation of new drivers come to the table with preformed ideas which they have garnered from their Parents.

Parents behaviour behind the wheel and their attitude to other road users is picked up by kids from the moment they are strapped in the Baby seat restraint. As time passes, certain behavioural traits become accepted as the norm by kids, to which is added their own interpretation.

It should be no surprise that the figures for Teen fatalities are as high as they are. Here in Ireland we are no exception to the rule and our figures, which are starting to improve with better legislation, have been amongst the worst in Europe for many years.

It’s about time Parents the world over took the lion’s share of the responsibility for the demise of their offspring. It always irks me, no I will be more vociferous and say it annoys the hell out of me when the local Parish Priest gets rolled out to say “they were a lovely family”, after yet another fatality.
We continue to write extensively on this subject in our blogs and web site for those who might want to hear it from the inside track.

As I write this post more alerts are continuing to arrive from Blog Talk Monitor which will keep you rather busy I suspect when you sign up and install this fantastic tool.Don't wait until your competition beats you to it.Be Quick off the mark for once and you will reap the benefits!

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